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Missions to the Calusa

This compilation of historical documents includes letters, reports, and accounts written by Europeans during the colonization of Southwest Florida, offering insights into Spanish contact with the Calusa.

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Mississippian Beginnings

Using fresh evidence and nontraditional ideas, the contributing authors of Mississippian Beginnings reconsider the origins of the Mississippian culture of the North American Midwest and Southeast (A.D. 1000-1600). Challenging the decades-old opinion that this culture evolved similarly across isolated Woodland populations, they discuss signs of migrations, pilgrimages, violent conflicts, and other far-flung entanglements that now appear to have shaped the early Mississippian past.

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Mississippian Mortuary Practices: Beyond Hierarchy and the Representationist Perspective

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Mississippian Women

This volume highlights the vital role women played within the diverse societies of the Mississippian world, which spanned the present-day United States South to the Midwest before the seventeenth century.

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The Mobilization of Muslim Women in Egypt

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Mobilizing Heritage: Anthropological Practice and Transnational Prospects

Mapping out emerging areas for global cultural heritage, this book provides an anthropological perspective on the growing field of heritage studies. Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels adopts a dual focus—looking back on the anthropological foundations for cultural heritage research while looking forward to areas of practice that reach beyond national borders: economic development, climate action, democratic practice, heritage rights, and global justice. 


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Modeling Cross-Cultural Interaction in Ancient Borderlands

This volume introduces the Cross-Cultural Interaction Model (CCIM), a visual tool for studying the exchanges that take place between different cultures in borderland areas or across long distances. The model helps researchers untangle complex webs of connections among people, landscapes, and artifacts, and can be used to support multiple theoretical viewpoints.

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Modeling Entradas: Sixteenth-Century Assemblages in North America

This volume brings together leading archaeologists working across the American South to offer a comprehensive, comparative analysis of Spanish entrada assemblages, providing insights into the sixteenth-century indigenous communities of North America and the colonizing efforts of Spain.

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Moderate and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism: The Quest for Modernity, Legitimacy, and the Islamic State

Redefining the bases and scope of modern Islamic thought, Moussalli suggests that Islamic fundamentalism might prove to be a liberating theology for the modern Islamic world.

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Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics

Provides a historical and theoretical overview of the subject from the 1940s through today. Shabout recognizes the important distinction between Arabic art and Islamic art. With 32 color plates and 40 b&w photos.