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Tropical Time Machines: Science Fiction in the Contemporary Hispanic Caribbean

Exploring works of science fiction originating from Spanish-speaking parts of the Caribbean and their diasporas, this book shows how writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists are using the language of the genre to comment on the region’s history and present-day realities.

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Trout: A True Story of Murder, Teens, and the Death Penalty

A haunting tale of teenage murderers, mistaken identity, and a brutal justice system

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Trowels in the Trenches: Archaeology as Social Activism

Presenting examples from the fields of critical race studies, cultural resource management, digital archaeology, environmental studies, and heritage studies, this volume demonstrates the many different ways archaeology can be used to contest social injustice.

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True-Born Maroons

The first study of Jamaican Maroons to place living voices at the center of analysis, True-Born Maroons sheds much new light on both the past and present situation of Jamaica's hidden Others, once described as "some of the world's most famous but least-known people."

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Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

In Truth, Lies, and O-Rings, McDonald, a skilled engineer and executive, relives the tragedy from where he stood at Launch Control Center.

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Two Worlds of Islam: Interaction between Southeast Asia and the Middle East