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Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art at Twenty Years: The Collection Catalogue

Featuring fine, full-page photography and expert commentary from the curators, it is the most complete guide to the museum's collection ever produced.

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Samuel Roth, Infamous Modernist

Roth's story portrays a struggle with literary censorship in the mid-twentieth century while providing insights into how modernism was marketed in America.

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Sandspurs: Notes from a Coastal Columnist

Far from the myth of surf, sand, and orange juice, Mark Lane's snapshots of life in the Sunshine State are more likely to feature gargantuan insects than bikini-clad coeds.

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Saved and Sanctified: The Rise of a Storefront Church in Great Migration Philadelphia

Saved and Sanctified focuses on a Philadelphia church that was started above a horse stable by a woman born sixteen years after the Emancipation Proclamation and is still active today.

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Saving Florida: Women's Fight for the Environment in the Twentieth Century

Tells the story of how women led the fight for unprecedented changes in how the Sunshine State reveres its unique natural resources and set the foundation for this century's environmental agenda, which came to include the idea of sustainable development. As a collective force they forever altered how others saw women's roles in society.

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Saving South Beach

How a desperate struggle over two square miles of prime oceanfront real estate gave birth to one of America’s most iconic destinations for tourism, art, fashion, nightlife, and hedonism.

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The Scent of Scandal: Greed, Betrayal, and the World's Most Beautiful Orchid

The collision between Marie Selby Botanical Garden scientists and the smugglers of Phragmipedium Kovachii, a rare ladyslipper orchid hailed as the most significant and beautiful new species discovered in a century, led to search warrants, a grand jury investigation, and criminal charges.