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Africa in Florida: Five Hundred Years of African Presence in the Sunshine State

This collection of essays and art explores how Florida both shapes and is shaped by the multiple African diasporas that move through it.

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Africa Interweave: Textile Diasporas

With essays by Cynthia Becker, Sarah Fee, Jordan A. Fenton, Suzanne Gott, Courtnay Micots, Robin Poynor, Christopher Richards, Victoria L. Rovine, and MacKenzie Moon Ryan

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The African American Heritage of Florida

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African Diasporic Women's Narratives: Politics of Resistance, Survival, and Citizenship

Using feminist and womanist theory, Simone Alexander takes as her main point of analysis literary works that focus on the black female body as the physical and metaphorical site of migration. She shows that over time black women have used their bodily presence to complicate and challenge a migratory process often forced upon them by men or patriarchal society.

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African Spiritual Traditions in the Novels of Toni Morrison

Zauditu-Selassie delves deeply into African spiritual traditions, clearly explaining the meanings of African cosmology and epistemology as manifest in Morrison's novels.

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The African-American Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps

Through the use of oral histories, this book examines the participation of nearly 200,000 young African Americans in all-black camps of the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of Roosevelt’s most successful New Deal agencies.

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African-Brazilian Culture and Regional Identity in Bahia, Brazil

Argues that cultural-political alliances between African-Bahian cultural practitioners and their dominant-class allies nevertheless helped to create a meaningful framework through which African-Bahian inclusion could be negotiated--a framework that is also important in the larger discussions of race and regional and national identity throughout Brazil.