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Gender, Politics, and Poetry in Twentieth-Century Argentina

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The Generalship of Muhammad: Battles and Campaigns of the Prophet of Allah

In The Generalship of Muhammad, Russ Rodgers charts a new path by merging original sources with the latest in military theory to examine Muhammad's military strengths and weaknesses.

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Genetic Joyce: Manuscripts and the Dynamics of Creation

Using genetic criticism, an approach focused on the materiality of the writing process, this book shows how the creative process of modernist writer James Joyce can be reconstructed from his manuscripts.

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Geologic History of Florida: Major Events That Formed the Sunshine State

Geologic History of Florida covers the complete geologic history of the Sunshine State--a saga approximately 700 million years long.

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Geology of the Florida Keys

Two world-class geologists draw on their prolific fifty-year careers in this comprehensive guide to the geology and biology of the Florida Keys and Florida Bay.

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The Geopoetics of Modernism

Reveals the geographic terms through which American modernist poetry interrogated prevailing ideas of orientalism, primitivism, and American exceptionalism.

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Geopolitics, Culture, and the Scientific Imaginary in Latin America

Challenging the common view that Latin America has lagged behind Europe and North America in the global history of science, this volume reveals that the region has long been a center for scientific innovation and imagination. It highlights the important relationship between science, politics, and culture in Latin American history.

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George Merrick, Son of the South Wind: Visionary Creator of Coral Gables

With unprecedented access to the Merrick family, and mining a treasure trove of Merrick's personal letters, documents, speeches, and manuscripts, Arva Moore Parks presents the remarkable story of George Merrick and the development of one of the nation's most iconic planned cities.