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E. G. Barnhill: Florida Photographer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur

Filled with vibrant images of Barnhill’s unique creations, precursors to the popular landscape art of the Highwaymen and others, this book showcases a little-known artist whose inventive techniques--particularly his uranium-dye coloring--merit a place in the story of American photography.

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Early and Middle Woodland Landscapes of the Southeast

Fourteen in-depth case studies incorporate empirical data with theoretical concepts such as ritual, aggregation, and place-making, highlighting the variability and common themes in the relationships between people, landscapes, and the built environment that characterize this period of North American native life in the Southeast.

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An Early Florida Adventure Story: The Fray Andrés de San Miguel Account

Among documents of Florida’s Spanish colonial period, few eyewitness accounts exist. One of these, the 1595 narrative by Fray Andrés de San Miguel, describes the two-year odyssey of a teenager from Spain across the Atlantic to Mexico, Havana, and Florida

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Early Human Life on the Southeastern Coastal Plain

Bringing together major archaeological research projects from Virginia to Alabama, this volume explores the rich prehistory of the Southeastern Coastal Plain. Looking back 50,000 years, contributors consider how the region’s warm weather, abundant water, and geography have long been optimal for the habitation of people. They highlight demographic changes and cultural connections across this wide span of time and space.

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Early New World Monumentality

In this collection, prominent archaeologists explore the sophisticated political and logistical organizations that were required to plan and complete these architectural marvels.

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Earth Architecture: From Ancient to Modern

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Earth Politics and Intangible Heritage: Three Case Studies in the Americas

Focusing on three communities in the Americas, this book layers archaeological research with oral narratives and social memories, demonstrating a way of reconciling the tension between Western scientific and local Indigenous approaches to history.

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Easy Breezy Florida Cooking

Joy includes a lovely collection of her favorite recipes along with hilarious comments by husband ( Cracker Jack Harris ), 970WFLA's popular radio talk show host. Joy shares her culinary prowess with Florida flavors that will have your taste buds begging for more. Lemon cookies are simply divine.

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Eating in the Side Room: Food, Archaeology, and African American Identity

In Eating in the Side Room, Mark Warner uses the archaeological data of food remains recovered from excavations in Annapolis, Maryland, and the Chesapeake to show how African Americans established identity in the face of pervasive racism and marginalization.